Understandable Earth Science

One of the things that first attracted me to geology, back when I was a teenager, is that is can be so pretty!

While I don’t consider myself a high-level photographer (I definitely need to upgrade my camera if I am going to do that*), ever since I got my first digital camera I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to capture the beauty of the geological world in photographs.

A couple of years ago, I submitted some of my photos to the EGU (European Geosciences Union) photo competition and was really pleased when two of them were selected as finalists.

You can see the photos in the Imaggeo database here here (Colourful Hydrovolcanism) and here (Climate Change Is In Our Hands).

In 2015, Colourful Hydrovolcanism was picked to feature as an Imaggeo on Mondays photoblog. This photoblog is published every monday and showcases some beautiful geoscience photos, with some kind of scientific explanation of the photo subject. So if you want to learn what makes the volcanic deposits at El Golfo so colourful and pretty, check out the blog post here.

Being picked as a photo-finalist and to feature on Imaggeo on Mondays was a great honour for me, and so I was even more pleased when I logged onto Twitter the other day, after the Christmas break, to find that Colourful Hydrovolcanism had also been picked as one of the best Imaggeo photos of 2015 (my personal favourite on this page is the image of the glacier collapsing – wow!). What a great start to the New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

* Warning: camera rant. In 2006 I picked up a Canon Powershot A650; a pocket sized “point and shoot” but with a rotatable viewscreen and a decent amount of manual control over shutter speed, aperture size and “film speed”. It was a fantastic little camera. A couple of years ago a friend saw me taking photos and commented “the photos you post online – you took them with *THAT*?!!?!”. Last year (2015) my poor little camera really started to struggle. I had abused it over the years, letting it get rained on, carried in the same bag as rock samples, covered in volcanic ash; the lens was substantially scratched and the light sensitivity was definitely not what it used to be. So I decided to buy a new one. Except Canon don’t make this range any more. I eventually managed to track down a second hand version a couple of years younger than mine, in good condition, but this is also now struggling in moderate to low lighting, even on the maximum ISO of 800. I’m really hoping Canon relaunch this model because it is awesome. I don’t want a big bridge camera – I want something that will fit in my pocket or handbag, but that lets me have manual control, and has a moveable viewscreen so that I can shoot interesting angles. If anyone comes across a camera that is similar to the old Powershot A650 series, please let me know!


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